Time to grab a margarita, throw on a spring dress, and polish Grandmother’s silver, that’s right everyone, it’s Derby de Mayo.  One may ask, what on earth is Derby de Mayo?  Well, it is the newest hybrid holiday, combining the famous Kentucky Derby with the infamous Cinco de Mayo.  Both celebrations happen to fall on the exact same day this year, and never being ones to miss an opportunity for a good party, we’ve created the ultimate Derby de Mayo party guide.  Granted, the Derby was postponed to September this year so we’ll call it a Derby de Mayo pushed to Labor day!


We’re bringing out some Southern classics and Mexican favorites for this hybrid holiday.  Plus, they are all crowd pleasing, easy, and delicious finger foods!  

Deviled Eggs

Pulled Pork Sliders


Chicken Fajita Quesadillas


Cilantro Lime Shrimp Tacos


Churro Cupcakes


Mint Julep Cupcakes



The obvious choices for the bar menu are of course the classic Kentucky Mint Julep, and the simple, refreshing Margarita.  For the home mixologists, we’ve made sure to include some exciting new takes on these two classics.      

Classic Mint Julep


Classic Margarita


Sweet Tea Mint Julep



Raspberry Lime Ricky Margarita 



Bring out the big hats and the colorful dresses, this is a holiday to have fun with your fashion!  In the tradition of the Derby, find your best garden party dress, and top it off with a crazily chic hat or fascinator.  Make your outfit a little more fiesta worthy by adding some bright florals to your hat, and some sparkles to your dress.   




Well, it’s Derby Day after all, so make sure to have the big race playing somewhere and cheer on your favorite horses from a safe distance!  For all you gambling fans, go to Twinspires and make you bet!

As exciting as the race is, it only lasts 2 minutes, so it might be a good idea to have a few other activities planned for you and your guests.  Here are a couple ideas

Decorate your own “derby sombrero” or “derbydero”.  Purchase some plain sombreros online or at your local party store, and provide your guests with florals, ribbon, and pompoms to create their own hybrid holiday masterpiece.

Make betting a main event.  Create a guide for your guests listing the odds of each horse, and the traditional track wagers.  Have guests turn in a betting slip along with their money, and see who wins!



Bright florals, rich reds, turf greens, and classic silver are the colors and textures of the Kentucky Derby.  Bright florals, woven wool blankets, rich reds, greens, oranges, and blues are the colors and textures of Cinco de Mayo.  To combine these two decors, the simplest solution is to use what they both have in common, and small touches of what they do not.  





Remember how we told you to polish your Grandmother’s silver?  Well, this is where it’s coming into play.  Silver has that classic southern look so use any silver serving pieces you have to display your food and drink.  

Incorporate red roses into all your displays, mimicking the blanket of roses that the winning horse dawns.  Mix in other bright florals with colors like yellow and orange to bring a little Cinco de Mayo flavor in.        



Decorate table edges with large ribbons of all different bright colors for a festive frilly garland that incorporates both holiday influences.    



Use astro turf as a simple, chic table runner.