So here’s the deal, I waited until the buzz wore off and decided I’d address this really cool editorial that caused quite a hate fest on the equine media channels. Firstly, I’ll start by saying that whenever a fashion magazine, such as ELLE, comes out with a horse on the cover I’m excited and I look at it as a win for EQluxe as this is what we’re trying to do. Now, the thing that bothered me about this editorial is that whomever the art director was they were not a horse person, as they would have never chosen the riding shot with her heel up in the air making it look at is she doesn’t know how to ride. I for one know that Kendall knows how to ride and she rides very well.Β  This shot alone or image I should say was heard around the world. Outcries from equestrians criticizing Miss Jenner’s ability to ride. Some on our instagram even blatantly said she has no business being on a horse. NOW, come on ladies….give the girl a break. We have no idea how long she had been shooting or riding that little horse for that matter. Nor do we know how many shots they had to choose from. Maybe that was the only one in focus, or perhaps that was the only one you could see her eyes. Who knows. What we do know is that we should support horses in fashion. So bravo to ELLE and bravo to Kendall for promoting it. We all love horses here, so let us allΒ  try and be a little nicer. PS. We featured those kick ass boots she’s wearing with the silver heels in our current issue, which came out BEFORE this editorial. Pats on the back are always welcome. πŸ˜‰

We here at EQluxe would also like to send love as we know her family was affected by the fires and that her horses train at Bell Canyon. It’s been a crazy week here in Southern Cal and our hearts go out to everyone who had to deal with these fires.