I asked if I could interview the woman who helped in bringing the EQUUS film festival here to Los Angeles.  Hearing her tell the tale pulled my heart strings and it brought tears to my eyes. Not because her tale is sad per se, but because of the overwhelming feeling and pure will that went into her story and its result. The result is that of seeing her hard work and progress in completion and being recognized as someone who stuck to it and in return helped others along the way.

Let me introduce you to Naomi Boinus-Reehorst. Naomi, a recent equestrian and full time employee at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Naomi had a quest, a quest to find  balance to her life between work and living. Her husband suggested she take some riding lessons. It was there that her life changed. She leased a horse name Scout, although at the time scared to death to ride him. She later bought him for $1. Yes one dollar. It was Scout who set her on this journey that has lead to helping inner city kids, making a documentary, winning a EQUUS Film Festival’s People’s Choice Horse Hero Film Award and then bringing that said festival here to Los Angeles. One would say that’s a lot for one person much less one person with a full time job!

Naomi’s story is so lovely, it shows how through trials and tribulations horses can and  will change your life one way or another. Naomi’s documentary “Scout’s Honor ” will screen this weekend at the LOS ANGELES EQUESTRIAN CENTER in Burbank with 18 other equine related films and shorts. The weekend will also feature special events such as special clinics, performances and art installations. We are all very excited to attend as this will be the first film festival to be screened and housed at the Equestrian Center. We thank you Naomi for all of your hard work to bring us this fabulous event that celebrates the horse!

To attend purchase tickets here! It’s June 15,16,17 so get going! And we’ll see you there.