It’s not called a FANNY PACK any longer. We’ve progressed. What you want is a BELT BAG or a HOLSTER. And it’s a great little accessory for street to stable or vice versa. It’s the must have for Spring for men and women actually.  So, since we’re heading into the desert and we’re doing a Coachella Couturella roundup and we’ve decided it’s a pain in the butt (no pun intended) to have a backpack or handbag..we’re voting for the holster/belt bag. Here’s our top 5.



ATELIER CG ride holster equestrian leather belt bag  $289.00

RAG & BONE ellis belt bag $350


GUCCI velvet belt bag $1300


PRADA belt bag $965

VALENTINO GARAVANI rockstud belt bag $1375