Spring Cleaning is upon us. Yep, it’s time to clean up that leather, polish those bits and prepare our tack for a fun summer of riding and showing.  Here’s some quick tips to help in the prep and cleaning of your whites, bits, and brushes.


Bits, Irons and Brass

We’ve all been taught the “dip the bit” in water and lightly towel dry it after a ride. By doing this you’re insuring your precious mount doesn’t go from day to day with a crusty bit in their mouth. Bit wipes are awesome. And some are even flavored! We like the go-to Horse Amour peppermint from Smart Pack

Simichrome paste is a go to as well. Include your stirup irons and anything else that is metal.



Shedding season is over and boy are your brushes showing the dust and hair. Instead of popping down and buying another first try Brush Therapy Effervescent cleaner. The Effervescent Brush Cleaner is the perfect solution for all your grimy brushes! It strips brushes of dirt, debris, bacteria, and fungi. Trapped hairs loosen and easily comb out. Simply place an Effervescent Brush Cleaner in a gallon bucket with water, wait 8 minutes, then air dry.

Saddle Pads and wraps

White saddle pads are not only a traditional piece of tack but for those of us who show, it’s a way of life.  Some horses have sensitive skin, probably something we fail to think about unless we’re spraying them with fly-spray or show sheen. What you use on your pads may actually make a difference.  Try using a detergent you might use if you were washing a dirty baby towel. I like the Arm & Hammer sensitive skin detergent, Arm & Hammer cleaner freshner and whitener powder and Shout for tough stains.Scrub the spots with a toothbrush and then Wash it in warm water  twice. They also make mild bleaching additives you can use as well.