So many supplements. Where to begin? I find that starting with questions is a good place to start. I was hanging out over at GrandView Farms at LAEC and was watching my friend Trainer Karen Perlow doing her feeding buckets. I noticed a supplement I was not familiar with and asked her why StepRite? To me it sounded like something that could benefit my boy Cash who was showing signs of creakiness left over from his past days as a barrel horse before we acquired him.

She explained she had started using Steprite on one of her show ponies and had seen a difference in his performance and he seemed more comfortable. She explained it was a joint supplement. She suggested I try it for a few months or so and see if I noticed a difference.

My 2 month supply arrived a few days later. Naturally, I did my research first and found out that StepRite Plus is designed to offer joint and tissue support which Karen had explained to me. StepRite has Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which is essential to synovial fluid support and a very important component for joint mobility. With performance, injury and natural aging, synovial fluid experiences break down which can lead to wear and tear on the joints, inflammation and osteoarthritis (OA). StepRite seemed to have all the answers I needed and I was looking forward to the trial. Apparently, StepRite Plus has 200mg of hyaluronic acid in every 1 ounce serving. It also contains MSM, vitamin e and glucosamine which also offers additional joint, soft tissue and immune support.

OK this sounds great. Let’s see if he’ll eat it. Cash is a very particular eater. He has in the past refused entire buckets of feed based on a sprinkle of bute mixed in, or antibiotic blended in a mash etc. If he can smell the difference from his normal daily, he won’t eat it. Lucky for me, he loved it. The mixture is a thick creamy liquid easily blended into a feed and smells delicious.

I started Cash on the supplement in late January and fed daily for 62 days. What I noticed was a better extension in his trot, a heightened use of his back-end as he loves to drag his back feet and playful bucks in turnout and on the lunge line. Granted, it could also be that the days are colder and he’s just a little more fresh than usual but his creaks had gone away. He was no longer creaking. I’d like to think that StepRite had something to do with diminishing the daily creaks. I’m all about “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” but I knew Cash was feeling his previous life so I’m happy that StepRite has helped him feel more comfortable under the saddle and during his off time.

1L $190 64 days 3.00 a serving
Hyaluronic Acid 200mg/oz
Glucosamine 1000mg
MSM 500 mg/oz
Vitamin E 250IU/oz