Fresh, crisp and citrus outdoor fall scent. Background scent for your home that everyone in your family will enjoy.

* Phathalate free fragrance oil
* Natural 100% soy wax
* Cotton wick
* 8 oz. soy candle burn time: approximately 40 – 45 hours
* Dimensions of candle tin: 3 1/4” dia. X 2 1/4” high
* Small batch hand poured candles in Colorado since 2011.
* All Plain J soy candles are formulated to act as a background scent to your space and never be too overpowering.

* Soy candles produce little to no black soot (keep those wicks trimmed to 1/4″!)
* Soy wax cleans up easily with soap and water so the container can be re-used once your candle has finished burning.
* For best scent throw, 4oz candles are great for smaller spaces (bathrooms, bedrooms, etc) and 8 oz candles are best for larger open spaces (kitchen, living, dining).