Compiled and Written by Alli Addison of Milton Menasco and Photography by Elizabeth Hay

Love is in the air! This Valentine’s Day we asked Alli Addison, the chic and sometimes irreverent equestrian mind behind the popular IG tag @miltonmenasco (follow her) to divulge her most covetable items on her Valentine’s Day wants and gifting list. And Yes, her list includes that big grey we all dream about.
WANT: I’m a sucker for a good coffee table book. This year Assouline debuted their latest equestrian-inspired tome, Wellington: The World of Horses. It’s 215 pages of visually stunning, behind-the-scenes horse show goodness, and I’m entirely here for it. ASSOULINE, $85.00
GIVE: While receiving is fantastic, giving is the bees knees, and an excellent sign of affection. I’ve gotten a lot of hints from friends and barn mates, and a few direct requests, that they would all like to become a proud member of the LUXE PONY CLUB. And a luxe, chic, environmentally-conscious, pony-themed sweatshirt seems like just the perfect gift. This sweatshirt is part of my first ever collaboration collection, CC x Milton Menasco, and is available exclusively through while supplies last.
WANT: The truth is, you CAN’T ever have too many boots. My closet is filled with them; riding boots (obviously), paddock boots, motorcycle boots, rain boots, going-out boots, the list goes on and on. But then I came across these over-the-top options, realized that “cowboy” is totally having a moment right now, and immediately added them to my winter wish list. Plus the colors are really on point for me. Starwood Western Boots by Jeffrey Campbell,, $325.00
GIVE: There is nothing better than walking into a house or room that smells like heaven. I discovered the luxury equestrian-inspired candles by Marco & Co earlier this year, became self-appointed president of their super fan club, and then immediately decided to start spreading the olfactory joy to my own friends and loved ones. Marco & Co. introduced four unique scents in hand poured glass vessels ranging from the masculine “Western Saddle” to the refreshing “Mountain Trail Ride” to the feminine “Ocean Ride,” there is a luxury fragrance to suit everyone’s taste. My personal favorite is In “The Stables.” Truly, nothing sets the romantic mood better for a certified Horse Girl than an equestrian-inspired luxury candle.. Marco & Co, $79.00
WANT: So I asked Santa for a 17hh gray imported 1.20m jumper this year, for like the 10th year in a row. Obviously I didn’t get it, so Im asking Cupid if maybe he can pull through for me instead. We shall see.

GIVE: I possess a deeply rooted passion for winter and winter fashion. Like, super deep. But because of this, I feel everyone else should be as well. So you can bet I’ll be gifting out these adorable beanies made by my girl Emmie of The Horse Girl Co. Just like she says, in the winter time Horse Girls Stay Warm. Available exclusively via

WANT: And actually, this is more of a need. Truth is my car smells like horses. And I LOVE that smell, but it is morphing into more of a horse dander/sweat/must essence brought on by that lonely, dirty saddle pad discarded in the corner of my back hatch. So these luxe car diffusers by Diptyque with the cult favorite Baies inserts could be just what my cute little car needs to keep smelling fresh, while housing my discarded tack that I am apparently too lazy to remove. $105.00
GIVE: Last year I began making some cheeky Horse Trailer Bumper Stickers. They immediately sold out. So I went back and made some more. Nothing says “I Love You and Your Horse Obsession” more than gifting the loves of your life some cheeky bumper stickers, made perfectly for your horse trailer, car, truck, tack trunk, laptop, and more.
WANT: For anyone who hasn’t caught on, sunglasses are a main staple in my ROOTD. I rotate through roughly 5 different pairs at the moment, but I could use a new addition or two. And I have a very particular list of criteria for horse-appropriate eye wear. The first of course being chic AF,  but more importantly they need to be sturdy enough to stay on my face while I’m bouncing around in my saddle. Acetate-crafted sunglasses tend to be the best bet for staying put for us horse-set, and hold up well when the occasional accident occurs (pick out your horses hooves, and there’s a solid chance your glasses may take a spill). I also look for options that are reasonably priced, and Le Specs seems to always meet that need. Le Specs’ Liar Liar,  $60.
GIVE: Nothing says ‘Badass Horse Babe’ like riding with a bold red lip. And you can bet I want to spread this vibe near and wide, to all my horse babes. So this year I am giving a few of my favorite horsey friends my all-time favorite bold red lip pick: The Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Cream Lip Stain in Psychedelic Chili. It’s a cream-based stain, but comes with high shine finish for major pizzazz. So be bold and ride on. Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Cream Lip Stain in 416-Psychedlic Chili,, $37.00
GIVE: Boot Socks from my recent Milton Menasco x Dreamers & Schemers collaboration. Not only are they adorable (I’m clearly very biased) and affordable, these socks were engineered with precision to fit perfectly into a stocking. That’s a joke, truth is these socks were engineered with precision for badass equestrians and just so happen to conveniently fit into a stocking. With three vibes to choose from, there is a pair of boot socks to fit every horse-obsessed babe on your list. Of course there’s always the alternate of buying someone you love all three pairs.
WANT: These 14k gold Horse Shoe Stud Earrings from Stone and Strand are a no brainer for any horse babe needing a little luck in their lives, especially if that horse babe has a lot of ear piercings in need of stunning fill. I love these simple little horse shoes, and I love that they also happen to come in 14k rose gold. $85.00 each.