Over Christmas I was given a little travel kit with a  lovely super scented assortment of natural products by Mary’s Botanicals designed for the horse and rider. Let’s just say, I’m addicted to the peppermint lip balm, the OTTB loves his muscle spray and my entryway now smells like a wonderful clove induced wonderland as opposed to an equestrian mud room. Mary’s B won my heart immediately so I was especially excited to try some more products.

All of Mary’s products are researched and natural based  with infinite avenues for applications and can be used on horses, humans and even for your canine friends. A perfect example of their application crossovers would by my big white face horse, Mr. Cash, somehow managed to get road rash on the end of his nose. I have no idea how he did it, but he did it, and he did it well. After talking with Mary, she mentioned her sunblock stick also had soothing properties that would help in the healing of his scrapey nose…two days later and it’s almost healed.   I also use her boot & helmet spray for the inside of my man’s riding boots., because well…mine don’t smell. Wink wink.

Alrighty then it’s time to get to the good stuff… the products we think you’ll love and find useful applications for. Honestly,  use all of them they are wonderful but here’s our top 5!


Fly Spray 32 oz

We had a moment of sun so I was able to put both the sunscreen and fly spray to the test. Loved both. The scent, the defending properties and the result were great!
Made from proven, effective, natural and food grade ingredients to repel flies, gnats and mosquitoes. This specially formulated blend of pure essential oils listed by the EPA as effective, minimal risk pesticides is mixed with skin loving, food grade botanical oils, white vinegar and vegetable glycerin, all safe for your horse, your dog, and you to use. Unlike many natural fly sprays, Mary’s contains NO pyrethrins (chrysanthemum), geraniol (geranium), or citronella, all of which are known to be common allergens, and often the main active ingredient found in “natural” fly sprays.


Equine Sunblock 3 oz


This sun block is excellent. Having a big white faced horse it’s super important to keep him blocked out otherwise he stands in the LA sun all day and gets red, sometimes even burned. I love the smell of this stick and Cash didn’t seem to mind either!

Mary’s Sun and fly protection for horses with white fur and pink skin is human useable as well.  A convenient solid stick blend of non-nano zinc oxide, flying-insect repelling oils and beeswax. All natural, chemical free ingredients effectively block both UVA and UVB rays. Naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, and stays put! Your horse will love you for it!  Apply prior to sun exposure and reapply as needed. Goes on white.

Ingredients*: coconut oil, beeswax, non-nano micronized zinc oxide powder, select essential oil blend.

Muscle Spray 16 oz


I absolutely love this product. Its peppermint scent and soothing properties have brought great relief to myself and my OTTB Smooch who sometimes over does it in turn out. I use it on my lower back, wait..so does he. Interesting. Anyway, you’ll love it too. You can use before a workout as well to prep the muscles and it can even help you sleep at night. Indulge.

Great for use before and after working out to settle the muscles for the best possible stride and to avoid muscle pain and cramping. Made with premium magnesium chloride, a 100% natural occurring mineral, and blended with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils known to quickly soothe and relieve muscle tension and strain through trans dermal absorption. A great way to supplement while completely avoiding the digestive tract. Any excess magnesium absorbed will simply be excreted.  Fosters and supports healthy muscles, tendons and bones.

To use, brush your horse then generously spray desired area while massaging in with your hand or a rubber curry. Applying along the top line, neck and sacrum is particularly effective. Ingredients* – magnesium oil, essential oils of rosemary and peppermint

Hoof Spray 16 oz


Okay, with the rains approaching again I thought I better go ahead and push a little hoof care. We all deal with wet conditions at one point or another and I for one am always overly concerned about the shape of my horse’s hooves because if the hooves aren’t healthy your pony ain’t movin’.

Mary’s Botanicals Hoof Spray is a powerful anti-fungal and antibacterial spray that effectively combats germs that invade the hoof area and lower legs. Made with natural plant oils that do not harm the skin or the beneficial inner ecology of the hoof, and, just as importantly, bacteria and fungus do not develop a resistance to them. Provides a soothing, effective treatment for thrush, white line disease and scratches.  

Ingredients*: white vinegar, castor seed oil, essential oil blend

*Contains Clove Bud Essential Oil (a natural oil which is primarily comprised of eugenol.)

Boot & Helmet Spray 1 oz


Lastly, I couldn’t post without sharing Mary’s Boot & Helmet spray. This spray is what I mentioned before. I use it in my mudroom to eliminate boot odor and other barn scents that linger. At the barn I use it religiously in my helmet. Forget scented candles around the house kids, this stuff is great and concentrated so it lasts.

This powerful, concentrated freshener effectively eliminates odors and germs in just a few little squirts. Like Binaca for your Boots! Good for approximately 50+ applications ~ over 200 squirts per bottle! Simply spray the inside of your boot, helmet or other sports garment with a few light squirts and let it dry – which it does quickly – before wearing.


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