Let’s start with some fun and easy basics you probably have around the barn or if you’re like me, they are in a box in the garage.

Today was Farrier day and it got me thinking. As I was watching the discarded shoes fly into the corner, I had a spark of genius go to Pinterest and see what people are doing with their old horse shoes!  Surely there are some holiday hacks? There definitely was. Here’s some quick easy ideas I picked up. Feel free to be creative and make them your own! For those “craftys” who were kind enough to offer up their websites we have listed links in notes. Otherwise, go to our Equestrian Holiday board and check it out!


What you Need:

Holiday ribbon, Pine cones, holy sprigs, a bunch of mistletoe, cranberry adorments, glue gun, glue sticks, bendable wire in red or green, horseshoes, rustic twine, paint if you are really feeling creative and maybe some candy canes! hmmmm horses + peppermints…if you want to still see your stall ornament tomorrow maybe pass on the candy cane.Use the bendable wired to write the name of your pony.

Okay, do I need to hold your hands on this one? Adorn, decorate and hang. There are no rules sweethearts! If you’re into continuity…fine, go ahead and make them all look the same.




Bits and pieces

We all have old horse bits. I have some from the 80s.  Well here’s some fun ideas to liven up the house or barn in true equestrian holiday style and make use of, even if it’s just for a little while, those old bits hanging about in boxes and tack rooms in your garage or horse world. Use them as wall hangings, door ornaments, stall decor.

What you Need:
Festive ribbon, sprigs of pine…oh come on, you must have this figured this out by now!  Inspiration photos are all you need to make your own awesome equestrian holiday horse bit inspired decorations.

Get the Boot

That’s right, pull out the ol’ cowboy thrashed ones you have in the garage or how about those custom Dehners from 1990. Either way, they can be dusted off and used to hold all sorts of holiday cheer!

What you’ll need

BOOTS, sprigs of pine, garland, ribbon…OH, COME ON you know this by now! tee hee.

Savvy Southern Style