When we came across Donna B on instagram we were instantly intrigued by her Equine depiction in her artwork so much so that we wanted to find out more about her and share her work with our readers. Here’s our Q&A with Donna B!

Getting to know Artist Donna B

Who are you?

Donna Bernstein, but I also go by Donna B as a professional name. My business is formally Donna B Fine Art.

Where do you live?

I am originally fromNY, have lived in McCall Idaho for the past 15 years, but have also lived in Scottsdale AZ for the past 6 years. I am in the process of moving out of Idaho, soI can send time between AZ and NY, where my business is most concentrated.

What do you do?

As an artist I paint, and have expanded that creative experience into equestrian design. Through my love of fashion, I have created an equestrian silk scarf collection, as well as fine limited edition jewelry pieces, inspired by my art.
How long have you been a professional artist?
I have been a professional artist for seven years.

When did you begin to feel a connection to horses? Are you a rider yourself?

I was, as they say, “born that way.” The essence of horses was built into my soul. I did not grow up around them; I studied them from books and learned about their conformation, bones, anatomy, finesses and cures, and drew them, so as to create horses into my life. When my neighbors got a horse when I was around 12, I spent all my time with their horses, teaching myself to ride, studying movement in the live horse, and refining my drawings through my teams and imagination. In the process, my signature artistic style was revealed.
I rode for a short period through my teens, but have not always has horses. I now get my horse fix as a partner in an all-female Thoroughbred racing syndicate, based in NY.

Was this something that came to you later in your artistic endeavors or have you always known you wanted to sketch, sculpt and paint the equine form?

I spent my early professional career in real estate and advertising, but I had been drawing and painting horses since a child. I never really expected to be a professional artist. But when we moved from NY to ID ( as an adult later in life), I re-connected to my artistic energies, and the rest is history.

Are many of your patrons actual equestrians? Or does the love of horses or your artwork for that matter transcend that? In other words, do you find you connect with buyers on different levels through your pieces?

Absolutely. My patrons and collectors are from all walks of life, both equestrians and non. In much the same way that my art was a dream way for me to access horses, I often find that those who deeply connect to my art are the same. They never had a horse either, and my work often reflects the horses of their dreams – as my art did for me. My work is minimal in style, full of the energy and movement of horses, who are both historic and mythological creatures for us. This connection to my art completely transcends for all buyers, because even equestrians who have formal or realistic horse paintings appreciate and collect my ethereal work.

If you could give anyone advice on becoming an artist what you tell them?

To follow your own path and create what you are drawn to! I am self-directed, self-taught, and that allows for creative playfulness and trial and error. Thats how you learn what you love and what truly expresses you.

Do you do commissioned pieces as well? If an equestrian were to come to you with say a size or placement in mind do you do private consults?

Absolutely. Love commission work, in all sizes and mediums, from a large scale acrylic painting to charcoal sketches or ink drawings. Whatever the client wants in a horse, I can do, and I love creating piece that is custom yo the client or project and becomes for them exactly what they were envisioning, and a joy for them forever to appreciate in their home or inspire them in their office.
often find that equestrians will come to me and want me to do a painting of their horse, button my style. I love that! In that case I often try to visit the horse if I am i the vicinity, or get a video of him moving. I want see his movement, personality, attitude and style. That is what I bring to the piece.

Where can our readers find your amazing available pieces? (be sure to include upcoming gallery shows, website, curated pieces hanging etc and a way someone can contact you directly)

My contact information is as follows, and there are paintings, scarves and jewelry available on my site, as well as a listing of gallery representation: The best way to reach me is via phone or email, at donna@donnabernstein.com Donna Bernstein
Donna B Fine Art




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